Rotary Park Update

Celebrating 100 Years of Service!

The Warsaw Rotary Club has teamed up with the City of Warsaw to transform a gravel lot into a wonderful greenspace for the community. The Club has raised nearly 100k through grants and fundraisers to help fund the project.

Groundbreaking Sept 29, 2017.  L/R: Darla McCammon, Ken Locke, Randy Stouder, Larry Plummer (Superintendent), John Hall, Jim Griest, Woody Zimmerman (RP* Chairman), Lane Anderson, DeeAnna Muraski (Warsaw Rotary President), Bill Smith, Lisa Waterman (Rotary District Governor), Chris Harrison, Chad Miner (Warsaw Rotary President-Elect), Justin Taylor (Assistant City Planner), Michael Howell (Rotary Assistant Governor), Stephanie Overbey, Allison Simpson, Ron Redpath, John Hand, Bill Gordon, and Josh Gordon.


The Plan

The vision for Rotary Park is a unique pocket park that serves as a trail head for the greenway. When completed the park will feature a shelter, bouldering rocks, a drinking fountain, a bike fix station, and a monument to the industrial heritage of the community.


The Process

The Rotary Club has hosted community workdays to encourage Rotarians and members of the community to get their hands dirty hand help build the park.


The Progress

Below is an image of the park next to a rendering of what it will look like when it is completed. We still have a lot of work to do but we are hoping to have it completed this spring.



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