Getting Involved In Rotary

Welcome to Rotary!

You are now part of a global network of business, professional, and community volunteers in over 33,000 clubs throughout the world and 1.3 million members.  In Rotary clubs around the world, Rotarians like you are changing lives in their own communities and those abroad - and forming strong, lasting friendships in the process.

So, how do you want to get involved in Rotary?

  • Volunteer My Skills

Talk to club members about where your expertise is most needed.

Serve on a club committee.

Attend your club's next assembly and help plan club activities.

  • Improve My Community

Volunteer to help with your club's signature project - one your club is known for in the community.

Work with a youth program sponsored by your club, such as Venturing.

Identify a need in your community and suggest a hands-on project that addresses this need.

  • Build My Network

Attend as many club meetings as you can.  Connect with different people each time.

Join a Rotary Fellowship and meet Rotarians in other countries who share your interests.

Go to your district conference and the RI Convention.

Check out another Rotary Club's meeting.


As a Rotarian, you are WELCOME to attend any Rotary Club meeting, anywhere in the world.  Use the Club Locater tool at or the free mobile Rotary Club Locater app to find clubs, meeting times, and locations.



  • Recommend a friend or collegue for membership in your club. 
  • Tell friends & collegues about how your club is giving back to your community.