The Warsaw Rotary PEP Archives

In an effort to capture our history for the 100th year celebration of the Warsaw Rotary club, our club has started a process of digitizing past historical records and documents.  John Hall thankfully preserved original PEP newsletters from when he was President in 1976 and 1977.  Additionally, he secured a PEP from the 1950's which has now been digitized 60 some years later.  

The goal of the Historical Committee, established in 2017, is yet to be determined as the Committee is just beginning.  However, we would imagine it will be to preserve the past (through digitization) and inform members as well as the public of historic Rotary contributions to the community.

Aug 01, 1976:

Aug 25, 1976:

Sept 01, 1976:

April 20, 1977:

April 13, 1977: