Louie & The News

The late Louis "Peanuts" Breading was recognized in the club history with the following:

Past President - 1949-1950

L.N. "Pete" Thorn Award - 1981

"The untiring efforts of our Past President, Louis "Peanuts" Breading.  To see to it that we did not miss out on anything that would be fun either for ourselves or our children in the line of sports, he instigated Father & Son big league baseball (Chicago Cubs) and pro football games (Chicago Bears).  He created a real interest in Little League activities, bowling and volleyball matches.  On top of all of this, "Peanuts", has given us the "Up-to-the-Minute News".  A real Rotarian plus!"

"Peanuts" presented the news beginning in 1960 for over 20 years.  Each week "Louie & The News" is presented in his honor.