Warsaw Rotary Upcoming Programs

Date  Program Chair 

Grace College: Worship Arts Program

Mr. Wally Brath, M.A. Program Director - Worship Arts; Assistant Professor of Worship Arts

Do not worry - I will not be doing a "Grace" program every week!  Trust me - you will really enjoy Wally.  He will tell us about the new music studio housed at Grace and how they will be able to use this program in the community.  He also will be leading the singing!  Praise Jesus!! (I mean..no offense Chris H!) I wonder if we can convince Wally to have a rotation of Grace students lead it every week when school starts???  He is very new to the area so hopefully we can give him our best Warsaw hospitality!

Brath holds a Bachelor of Music in piano performance from the University of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music and a Master of Arts in ethnomusicology from Liberty University.  Brath is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Worship Studies and is a member of the Society of Ethnomusicologists (SEM) and the International Council of Ethnodoxologists (ICE).  A native of LaPorte, Ind., Brath, along with his wife Shana and children Graydon, Karissa and Levi, moved to Winona Lake June 2016.


Rotary Picnic!

LOCATION: NYE Youth Cabin, 351 N Buffalo Street (kitchen, restrooms, tables and chairs).  

TIME:  11:30am - 3:00pm (lunch starts at noon)

  • Come early  11:30am (meal starts at noon)
  • Stay late  2:30/3:00pm
  • Relax lake-side  (bring your lawn chair if you want to sit outside!)
  • Cornhole (we have two but you can bring more)
  • Play cards  (Euchre, rummy, bridge...whatever you want)
  • Spouses/significant others and guests welcome!


Wes Stouder's Penguin Point Black Tie Catering will be grilling hamburgers/hotdogs and prepare a picnic fit for Kings and Queens!




In lieu of Friday meeting, we would like as many as possible to attend Elkhart Rotary Club 100 year Anniversary on Thursday, August 10.  Link to register for event: https://35522.blackbaudhosting.com/35522/Elkhart-Rotary-100-Year-Anniversary-Gala

Reasons to attend:

  1. Elkhart Rotary helped start our Warsaw Rotary;
  2. To get ideas for our 100 year anniversary;
  3. To support their club;
  4. Hopefully, some of them will attend our 100 year to reciprocate
  5. IT'S A PARTY!!  It will be FUN!!;
  6. Only cost $40!; and finally... 
  7. We will carpool!  

World Baseball Academy: Caleb Kimmel

Learn what this organization does to help teach kids that is pretty unique. Be prepared to put on a baseball glove and toss baseballs to your fellow Rotarians (outside away from the vehicles of course...)! 



Polywood: Jeremy Dreier