Warsaw Rotary Upcoming Programs

Date  Program Chair 
05/07/2021    Seth Bradford

Kosciusko County Convention and Visitors Bureau CEO Jill Boggs will join us to provide an update on the status of the KCCVB and how they have maintained their commitment to bringing tourist to our community amidst the COVID pandemic.


05/14/2021    Joseph Thallemer, OD PC

Mayor of the City of Warsaw, Joe Thallemer, will be speaking at Rotary giving us an update on the projects ongoing and coming up the summer of 2021.

05/21/2021    Seth Bradford

AWL executive director Sally Scott will join us to shar eall the great work she and her staff do for the orphaned animals in our area.


No meeting this week.  Memorial Day weekend.

06/04/2021    Bruce Woodward

Kurt Carlson and entourage will join us to speak on the benefits of the Bowen Center to Kosciusko County