Warsaw Rotary Upcoming Programs

Date  Program Chair 

Location:  Shrine Building, Fairgrounds

Program: Rotary Park - update meeting

Special Guests: Lisa Waterman, District Governor  and Michael Howell, Assistant Governor

See the new Rotary Park renderings and join us afterward for the groundbreaking ceremony.  So exciting!!


Program: Maple Leaf Farms

Janelle Deatsman, Communications Manager.  Find out more about this International company and what is the difference between organic, natural, free-range and all the other new terms out there!  Also - Janelle is "Doc Sommers" (large animal vet in Silver Lake) and Sharon Sommers' daughter.

Grace College Career Institute students will be joining us.  Be prepared to review their portfolios during the lunch time!



HopLore Brewery - Leesburg, IN

We are taking a field trip to HopLore!  Catering will be done by RANDY STOUDER and Wes Stouder's Black Tie Catering (we love you Randy!! lol!)

More details to come...


Not Easily Broken Ministries (NEB); Paul Morales, Executive Director

Find out about this new ministry and how they are changing lives in Kosciusko County.


Kosciusko Community Senior Services (KCSS)

David Neff, Executive Director

We provide service for their Mobile Meals program.  Find out how many we serve and hear some of the stories of how we have impacted lives through this service.